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Closed Joint-stock Company “Nanotechnology MDT” (CJSC "NT-MDT")



CJSC "NT-MDT” was organized in 1989 in Zelenograd City, Russian microelectronics center, in order to apply accumulated experience and knowledge in the field of nanotechnologies to provide researchers with the devices that are capable to solve a wide spectrum of problems in the area of nanometer sizes. A scanning tunnel microscope became the first product sample developed in 1990. It is still operating at the Institute of crystallography of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As a commercial enterprise NT-MDT has been functioning since 1993.

In rather a short term the company consisting of just a small group of enthusiasts has turned to a major world concern. During these years more than 2000 devices have been successfully installed in the largest scientific and industrial centers of Europe, Asia and the North America.

In 1993 STM-4 model appeared on the market with SOLVER lineup (scanning probe microscopes of a wide profile) developed in 1995 together with the first model of this type (SOLVER R47) let out. To date the model range of the company totals 11 models which have been installed in more than 500 laboratories of the USA, Japan, the Western Europe and other countries.

In 2003 the first device for educational needs NANOEDUCATOR was produced.


In 2004 the development of a new platform NTEGRA (probe nanoscale laboratories) was completed. On the basis of NTEGRA 12 models have been manufactured so far this model range constantly extending.

NTEGRA Spectra

In 2006 one of basic systems of the platform NTEGRA Spectra won the prize of the American magazine Research and Development as the best innovative development of the year among devices intended for scientific research.

The year of 2006 was also remarkable for the first ultrahigh-vacuum nanotechnological complex NANOFAB placed in operation.

Ultrahigh-vacuum nanotechnological complex NANOFAB 

The launch of one more lineup marked the opening of a new direction of developing scientific equipment not only for NT-MDT company, but also for the world of nano industry (last samples of this production have no analogs abroad).

The company is carrying out a full cycle of works starting from the development and manufacture of devices before marketing and up to the distribution to their final customers. To implement such a diverse activity there was established a concern made of the enterprises of various profiles. In Russia these are the companies «Nanotechnology MTD» (parent enterprise), «Tools of nanotechnologies», «Nanotechnology Saint Petersburg». Foreign branches: «NT-MDT Service and Logistic» (Ireland), «NT-MDT Europe» (Holland), «NT-MDT America» (USA). The company’s distributors work in 39 countries including Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Australia, Israel, America, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia etc. To promote the production the concern branches annually participate in more than 80 thematic exhibitions.

Since 1995 the general director of Joint-Stock Company «NT - ÌÄÒ» has been Bykov Victor Alexandrovich, a Doctor of Technical Science, a winner of the award of the Russian government in the field of a science and technology for the year of 2005.

There are 3 doctors of sciences, 21 candidates of science working at the company. The company is closely cooperating with postgraduate studies of MFTI and MIET. Young experts, graduates of the leading Russian high schools (MFTI, MIET, the Moscow State University of Lomonosov, MGTU of Bauman, etc.) are being actively involved. The employees of the company are constantly upgrading their skills; they are trained to master the newest methods of designing, the possibilities of new element base of electronics, and the basics of marketing and sales. The integration of the latest technological achievements will undoubtedly remain the main development line of CJSC «NT - MDT».

The range of the company’s production already includes the unique and most effective devices in its kind.

Website of the enterprise -  www.ntmdt.com/